Gear For A Powder Day

We have a great selection of Mid-fat and Fat skis to chose from 85..90..100+ under foot.  The deeper it is, the fatter we will go!

Salomon BBR

Shaping the future of skiing. The original BBR, BBR 8.9 combines floatation in powder with carving on groomers, to give skiers more options for more fun in more conditions.

See more about the BBR on Salomon’s website

Armada TST

The TST performs equally well whether it’s carving edge-to-edge on hardpack or slashing tight trees in a foot of fresh. With tip rocker and no tail rocker, the TST combines float with stability and power. The ski’s shape effortlessly adapts to all conditions and truly lives up to its billing as an all-mountain ski. A portion of proceeds of each ski sold are donated to Travis Steeger’s Memorial Fund. Patented.

See more about the TST on Armada’s website

Armada ARV

This year Armada celebrates the 10th version of the ARV and its traditional camber and full-sidewall construction. The longevity of the ARV is a testament to its versatility and reliability. The ARV is stable and continues to be perfect for all terrain.

See more about the ARV on Armada’s website

K2 Aftershock

Being the widest ski in the A.M.P. model line,the Aftershock thrives in soft and chopped conditions. Although it excels off the groomed runs, it still has enough hard snow performance and power to carve trenches in whatever firmconditions it encounters.

See more about the Afertshock on K2’s website



ARW is the women’s most core park ski on the market. The light swing weight of the Hybrid Double Zone Core and AR50 sidewall, make the ARW the go-to choice as the best everyday ski for the all-mountain female park skier. Urban rails, park jumps or jibs are all within reach and stomp-able on the ARW.

See more about the ARW on Armada’s website