Snowboards by K2 No “rental” junk at Exit 28 Rentals.  Boards are designed for the retail market…no rubber bumpers or heavy topsheets.

K2 Brigade

The 2012-2013 K2 Brigade snowboard is built to explore the mountain and progress effortlessly with Catch Free Rocker Baseline. The Brigade is the big-value all-terrain board that will get you on the mountain and get you hooked in one season flat.

See more about the Brigade on K2’s website

K2 Raygun

The 2012-2013 Raygun is focused on next level progression and good days on hill. Whether you are a seasoned rider that shreds everywhere, or someone looking to step up their game, the Raygun’s All-Terrain Rocker provides a smooth ride for all your shreding needs.

See more about the Raygun on K2’s website

K2 Vandel

Built like a sugar buzz springtime slushy day on the mountain. The 2012-2013 Jib Rocker loaded Vandal is all energy and pop that encourages progression and fun for those pint sized shredders.

See more about the Vandel on K2’s website