Women’s Skis

Having the correct ski for your skier type and conditions can be the difference between enjoying your day on the slopes and struggling with incorrect gear.   We have 3 levels of skis available: Regular, Mid-Grade, and Premium with a total of 6 different Women’s specific models, Exit 28 Ski & Snowboard Rentals is the place to rent!!   Don’t get stuck in  long line at the resort only to get old gear…Friends Don’t Let Friend’s Ski Junk!!

K2 SuperGlide

An all-new model in the women’s collection, theSuperGlide all-mountain ski has been developed for expert skiers who split their time between firm snow and soft.The ski’s versatility stems from its All-TerrainRocker profile and a lightweight yet responsivedesign mixed with an optimum waist width for awide variety of conditions and pitches.

See more about the SuperGlide on K2’s website

K2 Superlfic

Built with a forgiving flex and lightweight construction, the SuperIfic makes graceful turns through varied conditions a walk in the park for women of all ages. This all-mountain ski’s bioflex core instills confidence and controls without adding weight.

See more about the Superlfic on K2’s website

Salomon BBR Skylight

BBR tailored to women, providing more confidence and new skiing experiences. Skylite’s light weight construction, forgiving tail and big tip build confidence in every type of snow condition.

See more about the Skylight on Salomon’s website

Armada ARW

ARW is the women’s most core park ski on the market. The light swing weight of the Hybrid Double Zone Core and AR50 sidewall, make the ARW the go-to choice as the best everyday ski for the all-mountain female park skier. Urban rails, park jumps or jibs are all within reach and stomp-able on the ARW.

See more about the ARW on Armada’s website

Armada Cantika

The Cantika is the ultimate lightweight allmountain ski. Its tip width and side-cut allow for easy turn initiation and a tight turning radius. This stable and forgiving ski was designed with your enjoyment in mind.

See more about the Cantika on Armada’s website